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"Applications are only limited by the imagination"

Telco continues to break boundaries and exceed limits, when it comes to where our optical sensors are successfully installed and used. The versatility of our sensors can easily be confirmed by the wide range of industries, where they are used for detecting, positioning, measuring, counting and sorting.

Some of these industries include: automatic doors, industrial doors and gates, elevators, carwash, sawmill and forestry, packaging, material handling, material processing, factory automation and controls, escalators, agriculture, access controls, fishery, food processing, pharmaceuticals, mining – and many others.

Our ambition and desire to see the Telco sensor systems installed and functioning in new locations is exciting, and it keeps the Telco network moving forward and seeking new ways to apply our sensor technology. More than 99% of Telco’s output is exported world-wide and all the Telco products carry a 3-year world-wide warranty.

  • Industrial Doors & Gates
    Industrial Doors & Gates Industrial Doors & Gates
    <p>Telco's single beam photoelectric sensors and light curtains are the leading choice for guarding and monitoring of all types of automatic industrial doors, high speed doors, sectional doors, garage do...</p>


  • Paper & Pulp
    Paper & Pulp Paper & Pulp
    <p>The paper and pulp industry poses a major problem for most photoelectric sensors. The highly contaminated (dusty, dirty and grimy) environments make it impossible for most other competitor sensors to ...</p>


  • Access Controls
    Access Controls Access Controls
    <p>Telco is a specialist in offering both standard and customised, tailor-designed photoelectric sensor and light curtain solutions for a broad range of access control applications for detection monitori...</p>


  • Material Handling
    Material Handling Material Handling
    <p>The superior performance and robustness of Telco's photoelectric sensors and light curtains ensures that there are no limits to the solutions Telco can provide in material handling and logistics appli...</p>


  • Elevators
    Elevators Elevators
    <p>Telco has supplied optical sensor solutions to the elevator industry, including light curtains, photoelectric sensors and customised sensor solutions for door safety and guarding and hoist way monitor...</p>


  • Packaging
    Packaging Packaging
    <p>Telco provides the packaging industry with photoelectric sensor solutions for challenging applications where others fail. Telco's sensor solution experience and problem solving spans over various fiel...</p>


  • Sawmill & Forest
    Sawmill & Forest Sawmill & Forest
    <p>Telco has been synonymous with providing reliable photoelectric and light curtain sensing solutions in sawmill and forestry applications for the last three decades. And with good reason, as Telco's pe...</p>


  • Carwash
    Carwash Carwash
    <p>Telco is renowned for being the number one supplier and choice of photoelectric systems and measuring light curtains for position and contouring detection in automatic wash systems, including car wash...</p>


  • Agriculture
    Agriculture Agriculture
    <p>Telco's range of sensors is ideal for sensing applications found in the agriculture and farming sectors. The high performance characteristics and hardwearing design of our sensors warrants that Telco ...</p>


  • Public Transport
    Public Transport Public Transport
    <p>Telco's photoelectric sensor and light curtain systems are the market leaders for safe guarding and monitoring of automatic doors of transportation vehicles (including bus, trams, light rail and train...</p>


  • Hostile Industry
    Hostile Industry Hostile Industry
    <p>Telco's ambition and passion to solve the toughest sensing applications in the field, is what drives and inspires the Telco organisation. Telco has become synonymous with reliable sensing solutions fo...</p>


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