Optical Fork Sensor SERIES

Optical Fork Sensors

Optical Fork Sensors

Optical Fork Sensors

  • 10 mm to 220 mm fork width
  • Aluminium housing
  • Plug connection
  • Infrared or visible red light source
  • High power version available
  • Sensitivity adjustment via potentiometer
  • Switch selectable light or dark function
  • Output indicator
  • High tolerance to hostile environments
  • 10-35 V dc supply voltage
  • 3 wire, NPN or PNP output
  • High switching frequency
  • OFS


  • OFS 050 with red beam

    OFS 050 with red beam

  • OFS 080

    OFS 080

  • OFS 050 - 080 - 120 models

    OFS 050 - 080 - 120 models

The OFS series consists of self-contained optical fork sensors that are housed in a durable, U-shaped aluminium housing which operates in thru-beam mode, available with infrared (OFS), visible red light (OFSR) or high power infrared (OFSH). The series is available with a wide variety of fork opening widths, ranging from 10 mm to 220 mm.

The complete series is available as a 3 wire, NPN or PNP transistor output with a 10-35 V dc supply voltage. All models offer sensitivity adjustment via integral potentiometer and are available with switch selectable light or dark function. The complete series offers a high switching frequency of up to 5000 Hz.

The series is protected against reverse polarity of power supplies and output signals. The output is protected against short circuit and inductive loads.
All products include a 3-year worldwide warranty.

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