Remote Light Curtains Remote Light Curtains

Remote light curtains available in lengths from 57 cm to 210 cm (longer lengths available upon request). Sensing range of up to 5 metres. 28 or 56 mm beam spacing. Parallel scanning infrared beams. Slim line and leading edge aluminium profile design.

  • SpaceGuard™

    SG 11
    SG 11
    • 5 m sensing range
    • 16 to 64 parallel beams
    • 28 or 56 mm beam spacing
    • Active height of 425 mm to 1770 mm
    • Detector length of 570 mm to 2105 mm
    • Flexible cable
    • Plug connection to controller
    • Slim line (10x28 mm) or leading edge (37,5x13 mm) detector housing
    • Power indicator
    • Static and dynamic applications
    • Compliant with elevator safety code EN 81-20


  • SpaceGuard™

    SGC 11
    SGC 11
    • 5 m sensing range
    • 230 V ac, 115 V ac or 24 V ac – all with 24 V dc supply voltage
    • Manual and automatic sensitivity adjustment
    • Automatic detector test
    • 1 relay and/or 1 transistor output
    • Switch selectable light or dark function
    • Switch selectable long or short range
    • Switch selectable buzzer
    • Selectable time-out function
    • Power, output, alarm, time-out and detector failure indicators
    • Alarm and time-out output
    • Plug connection to detectors


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