PA 10

Photoelectric Amplifier SERIES

PA 10
Photoelectric Amplifier Photoelectric Amplifier

Photoelectric Amplifier

Remote Photoelectric Systems

  • Operation mode and max sensing range:
    • Thru-beam: 0-60 m
    • Diffuse proximity: 0-4 m
  • 230 V ac, 115 V ac, 24 V ac or 24 V dc supply voltage
  • Manual sensitivity adjustment
  • 1 relay or 1 transistor output
  • Switch selectable light or dark function
  • Switch selectable long or short range
  • Power and output indicators
  • 11-pole DIN socket connection
  • PA 10

    PA 10

  • Remote Sensors operate in conjunction with amplifier

    Remote Sensors operate in conjunction with amplifier

  • PA 10 with indicators on

    PA 10 with indicators on

The PA 10 is a 1-channel photoelectric amplifier. The PA 10 A is to be used in conjunction with a remote transmitter LT and receiver LR from series 101, whilst the PA 10 B is intended for use with series 100, 110, and 120.

This amplifier series offers manual sensitivity adjustment via an integral potentiometer located on the front panel of the amplifier. Output can be selected from either a relay or an NPN/PNP transistor output. Light or dark function and long or short range are switch selectable.
All products include a 3-year worldwide warranty.

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