Photoelectric Amplifier Bus Programmable SERIES

Photoelectric Amplifier Bus PGM

Photoelectric Amplifier Bus PGM

Remote Photoelectric Systems

  • Operation mode and max sensing range:
    • Thru-beam: 0-47 m
  • 10-30 V dc and 24 V ac supply voltage
  • Sensor LED-drive
  • 2 opto-isolated solid state output
  • Test input
  • Alarm output
  • Power, output, alarm, signal level and master or slave status indicators
  • DIN rail mounting with bus function
  • Communication interface for remote programming and diagnostics with PC software
  • Wide range of configurable parameters and settings
  • RS-485 communication interface with RJ45 socket
  • PABP 30

    PABP 30

  • Remote Sensors operate in conjunction with amplifier

    Remote Sensors operate in conjunction with amplifier

  • PABP amplifier modules in bus connection

    PABP amplifier modules in bus connection

  • PABP 30 with serial connection

    PABP 30 with serial connection

  • PABP PC Terminal Software

    PABP PC Terminal Software

The PABP 30 is a 3-channel, multiplexed, photoelectric amplifier, which is to be used in conjunction with 3 sets of remote transmitters LT and receivers LR from the series 100, 110 and 120. The 3 channels operate independently of each other with their own set of remote transmitter and receiver. The multiplexing function ensures that optical cross talk between channels is prevented. 

The PABP amplifier series is fully programmable with the use of Telco’s PC software via an RS-485 communication interface. The graphical user interface of the software allows a wide range of parameters and settings to be remotely programmed and monitored for each individual channel of the Master amplifier and its Slave amplifier modules connected in bus connection, via bus rail connector positioned on the DIN rail. The PABP 30 M master amplifier includes an RJ45 socket for the RS-485 interface. Up to 10 slave amplifiers from the PABP series can be connected to the master amplifier to form a complete modular system with up to a total of 33 channels. 

The bus connection ensures communication and data link between the master and all the slave amplifier modules enabling programming and monitoring of the complete modular system. The modules can be configured into virtual groups, with multiplexing within each group. This feature allows the total cycle time of the multiplexing to be reduced.  The bus connection allows a shared power supply between all connected modules.  

The PABP 30 series provides 3 individual opto-isolated solid state outputs. The amplifier offers a test input, which is used for either disabling or enabling the transmitting power temporarily for test purposes. The amplifier includes an alarm output, which is used to indicate if the signal level is insufficient or if a sensor is faulty. The sensor LED drive powers the optional monitor LEDs available on the remote sensors – output (LT) and power (LR).
All products include a 3-year worldwide warranty.

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