MPA 41

Multiplexed Photoelectric Amplifier SERIES

MPA 41 A 602

Multiplexed Amplifier

Remote Photoelectric Systems

MPA 41 A 602

  • CE
  • CRU

Product Data

Function Amplifier
Supply Voltage 24 V ac
Number of Channels 4
Sensing Range 35 m
Sensitivity Adjustment Manual
Output 4 individual NPN/PNP
Housing Screw terminals

Technical Data

Supply Voltage 24 V ac
Voltage Tolerance +/– 15 %
Current Consumption Max. 3 VA
Response Time ton / toff, Transistor 45 ms / 45 ms
Output, Transistor 40 mA / 30 V dc
Power On Indicator Green LED
Output Indicator Red LED
Signal Level Indicator Green LED
Hysteresis Approx. 35 %
Operation Frequency, Transistor 11 Hz
Delay Time ton / toff 0 – 3 sec, adjustable
Housing Material Noryl

Environmental Data

Operation Temperature – 10 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature – 40 to +80 °C
Sealing Class IP 30

Technical Drawings

  • Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram
  • Dimensions Dimensions

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